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What is the Medpor Alternative?

Medpor is a specific type of material that is used as a surgical implant for the construction of or reconstruction of the auricular part of the ear. The attributes of Medpor is that it is durable, sizable and a tolerable framework. Other materials used tend to not have the same durability and a higher rejection rate due to bio incompatibilities with the surrounding tissue. The Medpor alternative integrates well with the host tissue including the bone. The Medpor alternative is highly tissue compatible.

The Medpor alternative has been successfully used in the reconstruction of burned external ears.

The Medpor has been used specifically in the field of Microtia repair.

Consider the Medpor alternative for surgical implants, constructive or reconstructive auricular surgery.


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*Source information for this write-up is based on information from Elsevier Saunders Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America.

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