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Ear Dressing

Our ear dressing kit comes in 3 sizes, 6 per box, ready for use.  Our B-500A, B-500M and B-500P all come with 1.5mm padded base pre-cut postauricular pad and hand made gauze fluff.  Product consists of a plastic shell cover with holes for ventilation and a soft padded base for patient comfort and adequate “non-adhering” gauze fluffy padding. The dressing is held in place by a soft elastic strap that attaches with Velcro®. This allows for easy adjustment, maximum comfort and a secure fit. No taping is required eliminating the risk of red, raw irritated skin. *This is a Latex free product.

Available in sizes Pediatric, Medium and Adult.



This product is a post operative Ear Protection and Ear Dressing design for Plastic Surgery and Mastoid Surgery. It was developed with Dr. Thomas Romo III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Design Improvement...

  • Designed specifically for reconstruction surgeries

  • Increased clearance above ear to reduce chance of infection and necrosis.

  • Thicker foam pad to conform to head and increase comfort for patient.

  • 4-point fixation to eliminate movement.

  • Latex free product.

This Romo-Guard™ Ear Protector and Ear Dressing has the highest reliability with respect to protection of post-operative ears.

You can use this Ear Protector and Ear Dressing for either right or left ear. This product also works very well for Mastoid Surgery. Used by the World renowned Microtia Team with the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital

Click here for more information about the Romo-Guard™.


Eye Protector

Our E-602, eye protector has been designed to offer protection to the eye after surgery or injury. Because the shield is held in place by an elastic strap, no taping is required. Taping creates the risk of red, raw, irritated skin.

Our soft adjustable strap allows the eye protector to be positioned for maximum comfort. A foam pad affixed to the inside rim adds comfort and stability.  Gauze pads may be used under the eye protector. Eye glasses may be worn over our protector.  The eye protector has 4 small holes to allow air to circulate. 


Ear Plug Set

Our multi-purpose ear plugs protect the ear during swimming and showering. Made of medical grade silicone, our ear plug is durable and effective. The carrying case allows for air circulation to protect the product over time. Ask about our starter kit containing all sizes, fitting set.

Ear plugs are inserted into the ear canal to protect from water intrusion, loud noises, foreign objects, dust or heavy wind. Our silicone rubber ear plugs are invaluable for ear protection.  They also float!

Available in six sizes, fenestrated (perforated) or non-fenestrated.


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Ear Dressing
Romo Guard
Eye Protector
Ear Plug Kit

Postauricular Dressing

Our Postauricular Bandage is precut to perfectly cover the incision after removal of the Mastoid Dressing. The precut feature eliminates the time it takes to fabricate a dressing.

Packaged in individual sterile packages.  Fits either ear.

P-400 L/R

Silicone Knob Covers

The TPE knob covers are softer than the old style rubber covers. They retain their size and softness. They may be placed in the autoclave or gas sterilized.

Sizes* — Small, Medium, Power Changer, Large, 6 point Extra Large and 7 point Extra Large. *Our five sizes are created to fit all standard microscopes.



Our Insufflator is made of durable Delrin®, and may be easily cleaned or even autoclaved. It is simple to use and takes a #4 capsule . The Sheehy-House Powder Insufflator is used for delivery of dry powder medications for the treatment of infected areas, most commonly the inner ear.


Tissue Cutting Block

This tissue cutting block is made of virgin PTFE .  Sterilized for repeated use.  (Follow your autoclaves manufactured recommendations for Teflon sterilization)

This product is an invaluable addition to any medical instrument tray.

Custom cut to your specification. Special order please allow 4 weeks for delivery.


Sheehy-Pate Bone Collector

Our Sheehy-Plate Bone Collecting unit fits into your suction tube line. The small device has an 80-mesh stainless steel screen that filters bone dust during the early stage of mastoid surgery. Our collection device may be gas sterilized.

Sterile screens and gaskets are sold separately.


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Postauricular Dressing
Knob Covers
Tissue Cutting Block
Bone Collector
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